The Riveter Presents
Event Series: #MeToo, how do we heal? (2 out of 3)
The Riveter: Marina del Rey
4505 Glencoe Ave
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

It is important that we keep the conversation going and create an environment that is both supportive and informative. 

Please join us for the last workshop of a three-part series! 

 All genders welcome. 

We invite you to join us for this event in partnership with The Riveter! 

10% of ticket sales benefit the Mirror Memoirs project! 

Survivor Leadership to End Rape Culture 

Sexual assault is a public health epidemic that affects us all - 20% of Americans (1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys) experience sexual violence before the age of 18. Even if you are not a survivor, someone you know and love is. And we are all raised in rape culture. Perpetrators are in the highest positions of power in our government, media, religious institutions, corporations and educational institutions. 

Awakening to this reality can feel overwhelming - is it really possible for us to create a world without rape? When it comes to ending rape culture, activism isn't only rallying in the streets - it's speaking truth at the dinner table, raising children to have body autonomy, knowing how to support loved ones should they disclose. 

Join us for a talk with nationally-recognized survivor activist Amita Swadhin, who will offer an approach to ending sexual violence that leaves no survivor behind, calling upon allies to join in. After their talk, we will offer a series of stations that invite you to go deeper in healing, individually and collectively, while taking action to end sexual violence.

There will be numerous activities held onsite including a listening booth, a strength training program, consultation with a healer, massages, and more. All centered around inner connectivity and healing!

Leave feeling more empowered and with a nice gift bag!

 Produced and curated by Nadine Shelton, All for One (Riveter member)