HR basics for Founders/Execs
The Riveter: Fremont
1300 N Northlake Way Suite #200
Seattle, WA 98103

Over the years, one thing that's held true for many start-up leaders is that it's not what they know they don't know that worries them... it's what they don't know they don't know, that does! 

This workshop is designed to help Founders and C-level Execs learn about a few things they may not be looking-out for, and will dismantle myths, offer practical suggestions, and provide general HR Q&A time. 

Facilitator Bio: Janelle Simpliciano is the Founder and Principal of the Chiron Consulting Group, where she's been helping Seattle start-ups and very small businesses with their HR needs for the last 11 years. She is well versed in the HR issues unique to start-up, and has helped a variety of companies stay compliant, develop documentation processes & procedures, hire and develop talent, engage employees, re-organize initial company structures, and work closely with Executives, Boards, and Investors to understand the complexities of the start-up landscape. Janelle is delivering workshops at all of The Riveter locations in an effort to help Founders and Executives with their immediate and pressing HR concerns. 

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