Strategy for Lunch Workshop
The Riveter: Fremont
1300 N Northlake Way Suite #200
Seattle, WA 98103

When most of us hear the words "business strategy" we imagine complex spreadsheets and financial models. The liberating truth is that the soul of business strategy is about what you do to create value for your customers and how you position yourself against other alternatives that those customers have. In short: what do you do and why should anyone care? In this 90 minute workshop, we'll introduce the fundamental building blocks shared by every business, talk about how value is created, delivered and perceived, and provide some practical tools that you can us to strengthen your proposition. This is a great workshop for anyone who's planning or running their own business and looking for ways to be more effective. 

Bio:  Michael Megalli is the founder of, a new online platform that makes it easier for anyone to successfully plan, launch and run their own business. Michael’s an entrepreneur and business leader with 20 years of experience helping organizations build powerful brands. Now he’s dedicated to helping people start and run great independent companies. Prior to starting the company 3 years ago, he was Senior Director of Brand Strategy for Microsoft and he still works with clients on brand strategy through his consultancy, The Djinn Dept. He’s also the host of The Age of Independents (iTunes | Soundcloud) the new podcast from

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